Old Game Hacks&Cheats
Dragons Blade v1.285 Trainer, God Mode, Infinite Mana, Max Stats(2.1m all stats), Change Levels. Download Source(C/C++/ASM)

IBot 1, Java based macroing program for automating mouse/keyboard input, includes simple built-in scripting language. Documentation built into program. Download Source(Java)

Killing Floor version 1058 Trainer, god mode, super jump, super speed, lotsa money. Download Source(C/C++/ASM)

MoControl is another macroing program except focused on small scripts activated at a key press, similiar to MouseKeys. Documentation coming soon. Download Source(C++)

Terraria .NET v4.5 Terraria v1.2.3.1 Trainer God Mode, Mob Vac, Inf. Items, No Cooldown, Anti Gravity, Mob Teleport, Speed hack, Fly, Teleport. WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE .NET v4.5 Terraria v1.2.3.1. Download Source(C/C++/ASM)