A short, under one hour, first person atmospheric "horror" game. Play as Mr Hopton, your supply trip to the local village is interrupted by a meteor crashing nearby. Gameplay includes finding items, jumping over obstacles, evading enemies and a boss fight. Can you complete the game without losing any hearts?

Version 0 released November 24, 2021.
Play In Browser(WebGL 2)
Download Windows 7 64bit
Download Windows 7 32bit

Made in Unity 2019.4.13f1 using URP and the new input system, this game was made as an opportunity to learn the new features in Unity. The source code and assets are released under MIT license, hopefully it helps someone else learn.
Download Project Files and Source Code
Notable Files:
URPLightingPatcher.cs - Editor script that customizes URP lighting shaders.
AutoExposure.cs - Auto exposure for URP.
ClickToPlacePrefab.cs - Editor script to quickly place prefabs on colliders.
SimulatePhysics.cs - Editor script to simulate physics in editor.
EditUtility.cs - Array field GUI function for EditorGUILayout.
DeveloperConsole.cs - Editor script allowing you to quickly execute C# in editor.

The game was developed live on my Twitch channel.
Watch Videos of the Development Process.
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