Borderlands 2 Addons

Mod Handler and Launcher

BL2 Mod Handler and Launcher is a windows program that will load .DLLs into Borderlands 2 at launch. It also handles hooking DirectX methods; giving them access to the DirectX device allowing overlays and stuff. Currently the launcher just loads all the mods in the Mods directory but the next update will handle enabling/disabling mods. Also my next goals for the mod handler and getting a basic hook on Borderlands 2 like player, objects and stuff and using DirectX to change textures and models.

Download source included

How to use
1. Export into the Win32 folder in your Borderlands 2 install(with steam mine is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32)
2. Put any mods/dlls you'd like to use inside the Mods folder.
3. Run BL2ModLauncher and press the Launch button to run Borderlands 2 with mods.

How do I make a mod/addon?
These mods are just win32 dlls compiled with C++, injected into Borderlands 2 and I use cheat engine to find pointers to Borderlands 2 memory. Check out the source included with my mods for an example of the C++ involved.

Ground-item Radar

Customizable radar overlay that shows all ground items relative to the player, later I'm going to color code by rarity so you can easily tell where legendaries/certain items are.
Download source included

XP Display
Text overlay that shows your XP, also has a settings file for changing text position, size and color.
Download source included

No Money Limit

Removes the money limit of 99 million and adds a overlay to show the real amount of money you have(because it still shows 99 million even though you have more).
Download source included