Hi I'm Ethan Alexander Shulman a software developer and creator from Canada. I make games, apps, software and love programming, math and science. My favourite programming language is currently C and I'm confident in C, C++, CUDA/OpenCL kernels, GLSL/HLSL, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and x86 assembly.

I started programming because I love video games and wanted to create my own, I started with Java and for a long time I just programmed with console output, it took me a few years just to get the basics of programming down. But over time I grew to love math and programming more and more. There's always more to learn and practice so it's always fun!

Email: ethanashulman@gmail.com
Twitter: @EthanShulman
Instagram: @EthanShulmann(<- 2 n's)
Software Youtube: EthanShulman
Gaming Youtube: EthanNm1Gamer
Twitch: EthanShulman
Shadertoy: public_int_i
Codepen: @ethanshulman

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